13th Party Central Committee convenes third plenum

Update: 12:36 | 05/07/2021
The 13th Party Central Committee opened its third plenum in Ha Noi on July 5 under the chair of Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.
Tổng Bí thư Nguyễn Phú Trọng phát biểu khai mạc Hội nghị lần thứ ba Ban Chấp hành Trung ương Đảng khóa XIII. (Nguồn: TTXVN)
Overview of the plenum. (Source: VNA)

The plenum will focus discussion on and make decision on a number of important issues relating to the socio-economic development plan in 2021-2025.

The plenum will consider and issue working regulations of the Party Central Committee, the Politburo, the Secretariat, and the Party Central Committee's Inspection Commission in the 13th tenure; regulations on the implementation of the Party Charter, and rules on inspection, supervision and discipline of the Party during the 13th tenure.

The Party Central Committee will also look into the nomination of leading positions of State agencies during the 15th tenure of the National Assembly to be submitted to the 15th NA to elect or approve at its first session, along with a number of other important issues.

The plenum is scheduled to last until July 9.

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