A Gentle Touch - Extra benefits with VietinBank cards

Update: 14:13 | 28/01/2021
From 29 December 2020 to 11 February 2021, VietinBank customers can apply for Credit cards Chip Contactless E-Partner VietinBank Napas free-of-charge and receive 20% cash back, up to 100.000 VND for the first payment transaction after card activation, this offer is available from Tuesday to Thursday every week.
A Gentle Touch - Extra benefits with VietinBank cards

For the introduction of the credit card Chip Contactless E-Partner VietinBank Napas, VietinBank expects to provide customers with innovative technology and plenty of enjoyable experiences; hence, VietinBank has launched a promotion called “A Gentle Touch – Extra Benefits” for customers who activates their Credit card Chip Contactless E-Partner and Chip Contactless E-Partner Premium VietinBank – Napas.

Therefore, from 29 December 2020 to 11 February 2021, individual customers (Single person accounts) who apply for the new VietinBank credit cards (including current Vietinbank card holders who desire to switch to the new credit card and new VietinBank card holders) will receive special bonus offers as follows:

- Free Credit Card Chip-Contactless sign-up.

- 20% cash back for the first card payment transaction after activation, payment must reach the minimum amount 300.000 VND. This offer is applied from Tuesday to Thursday every week.

- Maximum 100.000 VND cash back per customer.

For further details, please see here.

To follow the indispensible trend from magnetic strip credit cards to chip credit cards, and to meet customers’ increasing demands in the near future, VietinBank has deployed the Contactless Payment technology – a new, prevalent payment method which brings customers convenience with straightforward, time-saving transaction process.

VietinBank Chip Contactless credit card is similar to other magnetic stripe credit card which is connected to the current account DDA and uses account balance for payment transactions and withdrawal.

Nevertheless, the most considerable difference between this type of credit card and others is the use of chip which enables encryption and strict security by security parameters and flexible changes for disparate transactions.

Hence, chip credit cards provide greater defense compared to magnetic stripe credit cards when customers conduct transactions; moreover, chip credit card forgery is particularly difficult to be carried out.

With perfect utilities, chip cards provides customers with a variety of services such as: Safe and fast online payment with OTP security code; Financial management via SMS Banking; make deposits at ATMs with attractive interest rates, receive interest via card accounts; bill payment via Internet / ATM / Kios Banking; money withdrawal without a card at VietinBank ATMs; phone bill payment via iPay app; quick money transfer at ATMs ...

Besides, during the promotion time, VietinBank will support current VietinBank Credit Card holders to switch from magnetic stripe cards to chip cards, including new issues and replacement of current active cards. With quick procedure, every individual customer/ organization that is eligible is entitled to one free conversion from magnetic stripe card to chip card.

For more information, please contact our branches/ offices across Vietnam, or VietinBank customer service hotline: 1900 558 868; Email: contact@vietinbank.vn.

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