The World & Vietnam Report (WVR), the official press agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, covers almost all noticeable world news and events, the guidelines, policies, activities of Vietnam’s State and Government to develop its relations and cooperation with foreign countries.
WVR also draws a picture of Vietnam's regional and international integration progress, the partnership relations and the experiences of foreign countries and enterprises in development and brand building. In addition, WVR introduces culture, customs and modern lifestyle of peoples around the world, as well as the friendship betweenVietnam and other countries.
WVR is widely recognized by almost readers as an official source of information on Vietnam’s foreign affairs. It also stands as a bridge to link Vietnamese enterprise community  with their partners and markets on the globe.
Besides the weekly printed version, WVR also run  its online version where the readers can follow not only the updated world news and news of Vietnam’s international intergration but also the information on all aspects of political, economical, social and cultural life of Vietnamese people.
With the permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, WVR has successfully organized several international economic events such as Business Roundtable with the Government of Viet Nam, drew  the participation of more than 300 delegates from international economic organizations, giant tran-national corporations and enterprises; the International Workshop on Stock Listing/IPO in  foreign markets in Hanoi and Singapore (Nov 11-17, 2008), International Workshop on M&A in Viet Nam (2010) etc.
In cooperation with other agencies, organizations and institutions, we also issues bilingual special publications/booklets/brochures to celebarate the milestones in the relationship between Vietnam and other countries/blocks, for example, special publications between Vietnam and the US, Russia, Germany, South Korea, Japan, UAE, the Netherlands, EU, ASEAN etc.... Those publications have become offical and popular documents and reference materials to supportmany important foreign relations activities of the Party, the State and the MOFA of Vietnam.