An education & charity project for the community

Update: 07:20 | 02/05/2021
The World & Vietnam Report would like to introduce the talk with Ms. Truong Nguyen Dieu Anh - Director of Phuoc Tue Training and Education Development Joint Stock Company.
Cô Trương Nguyễn Diệu Anh – Giám đốc Công ty Cổ phần Đào tạo và Phát triển Giáo dục Phước Tuệ.
Ms. Truong Nguyen Dieu Anh – Director of Phuoc Tue Training and Education Development Joint Stock Company.

Reporter: Dear Ms. Teacher, I have heard about Phuoc Tue English Center - a subsidiary of Phuoc Tue Training and Education Development Joint Stock Company founded by you and you have been teaching in person for more than 10 years. Which led you to the Career?

Dieu Anh: I am fortunate to have been born and raised in a family with a revolutionary tradition and a proud tradition of education. Today, on the occasion of the great National holiday, I would like to extend my deep gratitude to the heroes, fallen soldiers and families with meritorious services to the Revolution. My grandparents were also people with meritorious services to the Revolution, being awarded the Medals of Resistance by the State, First-class and Second-class Resistance Medals and My father received the Third-class Resistance Medal. My parents are honest and virtuous teachers who have dedicated themselves to the education cause of the country for nearly 40 years and have received many certificates of merit from the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education - Training and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor. I majored in foreign trade economics from Foreign Trade University, then studied to Master in business administration and also worked through many positions in the fields of communication, media, human resources and foreign affairs... but the educational career was really predestination to be brought, it’s true "Job choosing people" and perhaps that is also the blessing of the parents left... I have returned to my education career - a noble career and full of humanity. But what I have gone through, the path I have chosen, I always appreciate all… because thanks to my years of experience in the above-mentioned fields, I have shaped my own direction to go by myself and had a very different mindset when forming and building a harmonious educational environment between the good aspects of traditional and modern education.

Chủ tịch HĐQT và Phó Chủ tịch trao thưởng cho các em đã đạt Chứng chỉ tiếng Anh Quốc Tế với điểm số tuyệt đối và kết quả xuất sắc.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Vice Chairman awarded the students who passed the International English Certificate with absolute scores and the excellent results.

The name of the Center sounds strange and I personally find it very meaningful. Can you explain the meaning of the name Phuoc Tue?

I am a person who follows the viewpoint of both tradition and modernity, but deep down in my heart, I understand very well what remains in each person's heart most deeply is always "human love with each other", and even if you follow any religion, the Law of Cause and Effect is always present and real. The name Phuoc Tue is really the name that in the period when the Center was a small establishment, everyone thought it was a bit Buddhistic, that thought was also correct, but actually, my family named the Company “Phuoc Tue” because of the desire to bring to the young generation is not only wisdom, a solid knowledge foundation, but the most solid luggage in life is the righteous personality which is suitable for the human heart, suitable with social standards and deeper, I also hope to change the thinking of the young generation through a humane educational environment, shaped by benevolent thinking, respectful above and below, filial piety with grandparents, parents, harmony with siblings in the family; know how to love and be willing to help people around, know how to expand compassion to the less fortunate life than you... In this way, our merit and wisdom will be stable and shine.

An education & charity project for the community
UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo-sung (left)
An education & charity project for the community
Charity activities by UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo-sung.

Now I understand why you have received so much love and respect from students and their parents… As far as I knew, recently you have been carrying out a sizable charity and education project for the Community. Can you share some details about that?

With an open and compassionate heart since I was a child... I soon cried, felt heart-breaking when I witnessed many unhappy or less fortunate lives. I often say to my students “Never mind where you are from, who are you? No one has the right to choose where we were born in this life... nor does anyone have the right to laugh at each other for their origins... We are all better than each other by the words "Luck", "Willpower" and "Courage" in this life... If life does not give you the luck of being born in silk velvet, do not be sad because of that... But consider it as the motivation to increase "will", strongly overcome fate, towards a better horizon and a broader future… As long as you have the will, effort, strength to rise up in life... plus talent, intelligence and improvement, good personality training... all of you will definitely succeed and find true lasting happiness in life…”.

It is from such a clear life point of view that I maintain an educational environment with outstanding quality but low tuition fees... to create opportunity and right for children to learn English for a long time... The Center also has a lot of benefits and scholars for poor and studious students. For mothers who just gave birth to their babies whose brothers or sisters are studying at the Center will receive a 50% discount on tuition fees for 6 months as my sharing heart with the sisters are all mothers... In addition, at the end of each semester or at the end of the school year, the Center also organizes Awards Ceremony to award International English Certificates to the students as well as to reward all students of the Center as encouragement and motivating them after a hard-working year...

And the blessing destiny came... when I happened to watch the videos about the charity activities of the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador - Mr. Jung Woo Sung, I was really touched... and sympathized with his heart... So we decided to set up JWSA Education and Charity Project with his name as a tribute to his great heart, his dedication to the refugee community over the past 7 years... And our Project is truly dedicated to the community. English learning materials system is completely free for everyone from children to adults. Our app system not only provides a large amount of knowledge from hundreds of textbooks for all levels from the elementary framework - the first level frame (PreA1) to the advanced level frame - the 6th level framework (Advanced), has been designed and updated continuously based on the precious curriculum from Cambridge University Teacher Association's own teaching materials system, together with the system of Lecture Videos and self-study method instruction, according to Monitoring progress, student management, report and reminder are fully automatic, designed by myself, and designed and technically perfected by the Company's software engineer team of MONA MEDIA Software Company. I sincerely thank all of you for accompanying us throughout the project implementation. Especially, the system from Website, Administration Web to Mobile App are designed in all 3 languages English-Vietnamese-Korean to support not only our Vietnamese and Korean homeland, but we also wish to support all international friends, the poor, the poor children and the refugee community... support them somewhat in accessing knowledge, continuing to pursue knowledge paths... in the midst of Covid-19 as today.

Đại sứ Thiện Chí Jung Woo Sung tham gia Diễn đàn “Vì Hòa bình và Thịnh vượng” được tổ chức tại đảo Jeju ngày 26/06/2018 để chia sẻ các vấn đề về Người tị nạn, giúp cộng đồng nâng cao nhận thức về Người tị nạn.
Goodwill Ambassador – Mr. Jung Woo Sung participated in the Forum "For Peace and Prosperity" held in Jeju Island on June 26th, 2018 to share issues about refugees, helping the Community raise awareness about refugees.

I can feel that you not only have the courtesy and standards of being a Teacher but also the "open-minded temperament” of a businesswoman. In your opinion, entrepreneurs in general and businesswomen in particular, what qualities do entrepreneurs need so as to be able to develop successfully in the current "new normal" period?

Thank you for the very good and very practical question. Personally, I think for entrepreneurs in general and businesswomen in particular, to develop in any period, especially the current "new normal" period, Entrepreneurs always need to have “the Mind and Heart" and "Vision". “The Mind and Heart” is essential to be able to treat people in the most sensible way, is to take care of the life of the Company's employees as best as possible of the owner of the business. "Vision" is to have a truly distant vision, not only the Foresight of the strategic direction for the Company but also the Insight of the social changes, the Insight when understanding the hearts of everyone around, especially its associates, partners in the work of the Enterprise and the heart of many miserable lives in society. Having an open heart and such a deep and profound Vision, Entrepreneurs will not only drive their businesses to develop but also "Sustainable Development", not only "Good" but also “so Great", not only to "survive" but to "endure forever", not only to “develop the current generation” but to always “train the young generation to continue in the future”.

Thank you for this meaningful interview. I wish you will always be an ideal role model for not only your students but also an inspiration for future young generations. We wish you and your family good health and your Project will develop a great success, resonate far away with friends around the world.

Thank you very much. On this occasion, I would like to extend my gratitude to the heroes, the sacrificed soldiers, the veterans who fought for our Independence. I also extend my deep gratitude to the Vietnamese State and Party for taking care of the Vietnamese people, whether in peacetime or the Covid-19 era; My deep gratitude goes to my parents, who made so many sacrifices for my educational career; I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Korean Ambassador of Goodwill, Mr. Jung Woo Sung - who has always encouraged me, followed me and gave directions for me in every step of the Project implementation; I would like to thank all my associates and Ekip for joining me in implementing this Project; and best wishes to all our dear students’ Parents and students, Vietnamese-Korean people and friends around the world.

The project will be officially launched in the Vietnamese-Korean community as well as international friends this June 2021.

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