Cindy Hanh Chu – This is me!

Update: 23:02 | 27/04/2021
Actively doing in the media field with the desire to retrieve herself successfully again after the long pause of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cindy Hanh Chu challenges herself through the project Fashion Runway Spring and Summer 2021, so that she can reaffirm that her profound energy and passion for doing art are still there and firmly ardent. The success of the fashion show is very significant to her. Here is the conversation between The World & Vietnam Report and the well-known beautiful Chief Organizers.
Cindy Hanh Chu trả lời phỏng vấn Báo Thế Giới & Việt Nam.
Ms. Cindy Hanh Chu - Chief Organizers of Fashion Runway Spring and Summer 2021.

Reporter: Good morning Ms. Cindy Hanh Chu. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the success of the Spring and Summer 2021. It can be seen, after a long time of socio - art activities have been calmed down due to the dangerous affection of Covid-19, you have brought a meaningful art program, marking the return of Vietnamese fashion activities.

Cindy Hanh Chu: I am extremely happy that Fashion Runway Spring and Summer 2021 has been so welcome! It took us less than a month from planning an idea to acting upon it. However, our team tried our best and devoted great efforts to ensure the success of the show. To be honest, today, having the opportunity to welcome 300 guests at the show, I am just too ecstatic and grateful that I even cannot put it into words.

Vietnamese fashion in particular and world fashion, in general, are "suffering" because of the Covid-19 epidemic. What motivation drove you to organize such an epic fashion show?

The Covid-19 has lasted for a too long time, meaning that all socio-cultural activities were either banned or limited for a quite long time as well. That’s why when there’s a chance to organize a show, I want to make my comeback to be meaningful and impressive as much as possible. Furthermore, I want to challenge and reaffirm myself to feel again the heated energy and passion inside me. This returning show is also a stepping stone for my future projects.

Cindy Hanh Chu – This is me!
Ms. Cindy Hanh Chu addressed her speech at the beginning of the show.

Are there any remarkable difficulties facing your team and you?

There’re so many difficulties that happened during the working process. For example, the show's ideas must be creative, unique and meaningful. The show shall be distinctive compared to any other one. On the other hand, as this program was participated by both domestic designers, models as well as foreign ones, our team had trouble in arranging working schedules and related requirements among staff. We have tried our best so that the work was conducted smoothly.

Spring and Summer 2021 with the participation of both kid and adult models, along with many fascinating outfits, has left a great impression on the audience. Why did you choose to mix the two different segments?

There was a fashion story combining kid and adult models like a "rainforest" throughout the show. Our purpose is to lead audiences to experience different emotions while watching the same idea but in different "times" of a life.

Forest, spring and summer, refreshing colors, eco-friendly materials are the inspiration of the show content. It can be told that the elements are relevant to the environment. This is probably one of the core meanings that the organizing board wants to convey to the audience.

Environmental protection in fashion is a new topic that I want to draw attention from professionals and fashion lovers. There have been many famous brands in the world stop using animal hair to make clothes or recycling plastic to reduce shoes, etc. However, in Vietnam, awareness of environmental protection in the fashion industry has not attracted the attention of many people. Through this show, besides enjoying the beauty, I want to convey the message of environmental protection to the audience.

Cindy Hanh Chu – This is me!
Ms. Cindy Hanh Chu expressed her feeling about the success of the show.

This show featured not only Vietnamese designers and models but also foreign professionals. Is this an aim of bringing about the opportunity for cultural-artistic exchange between Vietnam and the world, or is there any other profound meaning?

Proudly sharing that, we worked with and welcomed both Vietnamese and international friends in this show. In terms of work, foreign designers and models played crucial roles along with Vietnamese ones. Regarding guests, we welcomed ambassadors from some countries, international investors and guests. Another core meaning of us is to create an environment for designers to exchange and build positive relationships; at the same time, to confirm the transformation and integration of Vietnamese fashion into world fashion.

In order to exchange and integrate with constantly changing fashion trends in the world, in your opinion, what strengths and challenges does Vietnam hold at this present time?

I have noticed that the young Vietnamese designers and models appeared more captivated and more prominent day by day. The collections produced by domestic designers are not inferior to the quality of the world standard. In one word, I believe the youth and the creativity of the youths in human resources of the Vietnamese fashion industry are the biggest strengths. Regarding the challenge, I think the question of how to make Vietnamese fashion more appealed on the world fashion map has yet to be answered. More unique and explosive products are what professionals should constantly work on so that Vietnamese fashion will not be overshadowed in the light of integration time.

The success of the show was contributed largely by the special interest of the audience. Can you say some words to the show viewers?

I convey my deepest gratitude toward the audience who played an important role in the success of the show. I always keep in mind that the audience is the fairest judge of any show. Therefore, in return for the audience’s love, I promise to always try harder and never let them down.

Finally, do you have the ambition to become one of the "fashion titans" in the Vietnamese fashion industry and make the name Cindy Hanh Chu an icon when it comes to fashion show organizers?

(Laughter) Oh no, not at all! I love beauty and I just try to do a show that is visually satisfying. I mainly work with businesses and my job is to expand the image of brands. I just love beauty so much so that I express it in producing fashion shows. I am just a person working in the media field, not a designer nor a model or be ever professionally trained in fashion, so I definitely have no ambition to become a "fashion titan". However, I promise that for any fashion show I organize, that show quality will be guaranteed to the utmost.

Thank you so much for your interview. Wish you continue to achieve more success and be the pride of Vietnamese fashion!

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