Congratulatory letter of Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son on the 76th anniversary of the diplomatic service

Update: 16:45 | 01/09/2021
Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son has sent a letter congratulating all veteran diplomats, officers and staff of the diplomatic service and departments of foreign affairs at the local level on August 28.
Congratulatory letter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son
Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son. (Photo: Tuan Anh)

The following is the full version of the congratulatory letter.

Dear comrades and colleagues,

On the occasion of the 76th anniversary of Viet Nam’s diplomatic service (August 28, 1945-2021), allow me to sincerely extend my best regards and warmest congratulations to all veteran diplomats, officers and staff of the diplomatic service and departments of foreign affairs at the local level.

With the establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 76 years ago, the diplomatic front of the Vietnamese revolution was officially formed. Amid numerous challenges after independence, in implementation of the Party's sound and tactful foreign policy, and under the guidance of President Ho Chi Minh - the first Foreign Minister of Viet Nam’s revolutionary diplomacy, the foreign service was at the forefront in mobilizing the international community’s support for Viet Nam’s independence, safeguarding our fledgling government, and creating invaluable opportunities for our army and people to make preparations for the long-term resistance wars.

Taking pride in a challenging but glorious outset, the diplomatic service has always joined in the nation’s endeavors, and devoted itself to serving the Party, Fatherland and people, making great contributions to the cause of national liberation, national unity, nation-building and defense.

During Doi Moi, diplomacy and diplomatic forces took the lead in maintaining peace and stability, contributing to safeguarding independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and attracting external resources for national development and enhancing the country's standing in the international arena.

Amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic at home and across the globe, our diplomatic activities are still conducted in a coordinated, comprehensive and effective manner.

We are the pioneers, together with other Ministries and agencies, to promote “vaccine diplomacy”, mobilize the timely and effective assistance of the international community regarding vaccines, medical supplies and treatment drugs, actively learn from the experience of other countries in response to COVID-19, and create favorable conditions for thousands of foreign experts and investors in Viet Nam to maintain and recover their business.

In addition, we have also effectively promoted and implemented citizen protection, cultural diplomacy and external communication, actively provided support for and enabled the contribution of overseas Vietnamese nationals to our national development.

On behalf of the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I would like to commend and appreciate the achievements and efforts of all officers and staff of the diplomatic service working at home and abroad. Allow me to send my warm regards and gratitude, through you, to your families, who always stand behind and support our soldiers on the diplomatic front.

The diplomatic achievements recorded over the last 76 years have been cultivated by generations of officers and staff, who are wholeheartedly devoted and loyal to the Party, Fatherland and people, with dedication, responsibility and tireless efforts to strive for the interests of the nation and people. On behalf of the current generation of diplomats, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the officers and staff of our diplomatic service over the years.

Esteemed comrades,

Our nation is heading toward a new era of development with novel opportunities, but with no fewer challenges due to the multi-faceted impacts of the unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, our diplomacy is tasked with laborious yet immensely glorious missions.

Those are to ensure the highest interests of the nation, conduct diplomatic activities in a coordinated, innovative and effective manner, actively promote comprehensive and extensive international integration, continue to uphold the pioneering role of diplomacy in forging and maintaining a peaceful and stable environment, and mobilize external resources for development and enhancement of our national standing. This will contribute to the realization of the national development goals set forth by the 13th National Party Congress.

The process of building and developing our diplomatic service over the past 76 years has shown that the greater the challenges are, the stronger the aspiration to rise up, the higher the will power and determination will be, and the further wisdom and mettle are fostered.

Taking pride in our diplomacy’s glorious identity and tradition, each officer and diplomat must uphold solidarity, keep up their mettle, improve their intellect, and promote proactiveness and creativity, toward joining hands with the entire nation in timely containing the COVID-19 pandemic as well as fostering socio-economic recovery and development.

Each diplomat must also fulfill the diplomatic tasks assigned by the Party, State and People, with determination to build modern and comprehensive diplomacy, making substantive contributions to successfully implementing the 13th National Party Congress’s foreign policy guidelines.

With our good fellowship and intimacy, I wish all esteemed comrades and your families good health, happiness and greater successes!

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