Explore Ha Giang: The pearl of investment

Update: 17:22 | 02/02/2018
Besides its unique assets, Ha Giang has been working towards infrastructure improvement, administrative reform, investment environment enhancement, and human resource development to promote international integration process. 
explore ha giang the pearl of investment Announcement of “Ha Giang Presentation” Conference
explore ha giang the pearl of investment Tourists flock to Ha Giang during buckwheat season

On February 1, Mr. Nguyen Van Son, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ha Giang province has introduced the potentials of Ha Giang to Vietnamese and foreign leaders and urged foreign representatives in Vietnam, international and non-governmental organizations, foreign provinces’ representatives and business associations’ delegates to explore the investment opportunities of the province.

Ha Giang’s unique features

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nguyen Van Son stressed that as a mountainous province, Ha Giang has recognized that international integration plays an important role in promoting the socio-economic development of the locality. However, because of Ha Giang distinctive geographic location, the scale and scope of international integration of the province are different from other provinces in the country.

explore ha giang the pearl of investment
Mr. Nguyen Van Son, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ha Giang province speaking at the event.

Over the years, by bringing into play the advantages of owning many wonderful natural wonders associated with the preservation and promotion of the traditional cultural qualities of the nation, these works have created an important feature of the province and contributed to turning Ha Giang into an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists.

In the period from 2010 to date, the number of tourists coming to the province has been continuously growing, especially in 2017, the figure has reached over 1 million. In 2017, Ha Giang is honored to be selected by the UK based magazine, the Rough Guides, as one the ten most attractive touristic destinations in Vietnam.

Chairman Son also shared that possessing distinctive climate and soil quality, Ha Giang has built a number of specialized commodity production areas following safe and organic guidelines for some of the most advantageous crops such as orange, shan tea, medicinal herbs, cattle and honey bees.

In the recent years, Ha Giang province has been incessantly perfecting mechanisms and policies to promote the development of enterprises, especially to settle policies to encourage the development of small and medium enterprises together with encouraging the start-ups and innovative enterprises; promote the linkage of the commodity lines, to support enterprises in the province to join the sectorial cluster in the areas of strength such as agriculture products; register for copyright and trademark to protect local businesses and products; assist enterprises in expanding their markets, information gathering and improving human resources; and assist enterprises in commercial disputes.

explore ha giang the pearl of investment
Artist Vu Mi Cha (R) performing flute and bag-pipe with H'Mong ethnic singer at the conference. 

The chairman also informed the delegates on the actions to promote administrative reform and investment environment. The province has established a provincial public administration center to be the focal point for receiving and handling administrative procedures related to the people, enterprises and has applied technology in information management, which reduced at least 30% of the time needed. 

Five goals to further promote economic development

With its potential and development advantages, Chairman Son has emphasized that Ha Giang province wishes to expand and establish connection with countries in the region and in the world, along with international organizations and the embassies in Vietnam to link and attract investment for economic development. In order to do this, Mr Nguyen Van Son has shared five key goals: 

Firstly, Ha Giang wants to attract external resources in technology, business management skills, science and technology for improving the quality, efficiency and sustainability of economic growth.

Secondly, based on the strength of tourism, the province aims at developing tourism products associated with the preservation and promotion of ethnic minority; promoting tourism to international market; systemizing and connecting tourist routes and destinations in the province to others in the region and globally.

explore ha giang the pearl of investment
Minority ethnic costumes at "Ha Giang Presentation" Conference. 

Thirdly, together with the partners, Ha Giang is targeting development with the need of transferring high-quality seedlings, sage organic agriculture, supporting infrastructure investment and training technical staffs. The province also wants to advertise and promote trade for agricultural international market; provide consultancy services and building hi-tech agricultural zones with appropriate crops, as well as developing local agricultural brands.

Fourthly, in order to increase funds for sustainable socio-economic development, Ha Giang is looking forward to attracting ODA and concessional loans for the implementation of projects on water supply, waste and water management, response to climate change, upgrading the medical equipment system and transportation infrastructure.

Lastly, Ha Giang wishes to strengthen international integration in various social areas. It is aiming to collect knowledge and cultural quintessence of mankind; preserve, promote and encourage fine traditional cultural values of the ethnic groups in the province to international friends; focus on human resources development and scientific and technology enhancement; create jobs, secure the rights for workers and disadvantaged groups; ensuring social security and improve living condition for the people. 

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