Great contribution by our Party to Viet Nam – Cambodia ties

Update: 19:00 | 29/12/2020
TGVN. From the perspective of a diplomat working in Cambodia, I would like to write about the great contribution by our Party to the cause of peace, stability, prosperity of Cambodia.
Photo: Cambodian people welcomed Party Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong at Pochenton Airport, February 2019.
Cambodian people welcomed Party Secretary-General and State President Nguyen Phu Trong at Pochenton Airport, February 2019.

Since the establishment, the Communist Party of Viet Nam is always the guideline for every national paths. One of the main direction from Party is to extend and develop friendship with countries around the world, with special focus on having good relations with neighboring countries, including temple country Cambodia.

Under this direction, our relations between our Party with the parties in Cambodia have been gradually established and increasingly effective, bringing practical benefits to the two countries.

In order to gain that achievement, our Party’s relations with parties in Cambodia, especially with the Cambodian People’s Party faced many insurmountable obstacles and challenges throughout the Early Modern History.

The first highlight is the insight decision to promptly deploy voluntary troops to help Cambodia overthrow the Pol Pot’s genocidal regime with fair and apparent spirit of “helping others is to help ourself”.

All the Cambodian senior leaders from that time up to now have inscribed "Viet Nam helped the Cambodian people be born for the second time". The support from Viet Nam was even more meaningful because the name of Cambodia would have been cleared of the world map unless Viet Nam took the risk of making above-mentioned decision, being well aware of the difficulties and challenges ahead.

While our national noble gesture was appreciated by many countries in the world, it was strongly slandered and condemned by some forces with negative strategic interests in the region. As the resuld, a nation which its people sacrified their blood for the peace in the region and over falled into 10 years of being sieged and embargoed.

Not for that reason, our Party did not leave our beloved Cambodian friend alone. Our warriors and people continued to stand side by side with the Solidarity Front for the Development of Cambodia Motherland to defeat the brutal Pol Pot forces and their henchmen. It is unaccountable how much Vietnamese voluntary warriors sacrificed for the revival of this nation, numerous mothers, wives and children have lost their most beloved relatives for the Cambodian righteous national defense career.

With our Party’s determination, the Vietnamese volunteers and experts have made their best efforts to support our friend to build forces and fighting with the internal and external enemies. Clearly defining the real issue in Cambodia is not from the insiders but also influenced by the

imperialists and their reactionaries. In the spirit of respecting the self-determination of the Cambodian nation, our Party has along with Cambodia, Laos and many other friends opened many battles fronts to take back the righteousness for not only us but also the Khmer people.

With great endevours and sacrifies, a political solution for the Cambodian issue was given, paving the way for revival, peace, stability, and development for the temple country.

A Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Monument was inaugurated in Kampong Cham province, Cambodia, on January 28th, 2020.
A Viet Nam-Cambodia Friendship Monument was inaugurated in Kampong Cham province, Cambodia, on January 28th, 2020.

The two nations and country of Viet Nam and Cambodia nowadays still continue to stand side by side in the cause of constructing the two countries, supporting each other not only bilaterally, but also on the regional and international forums.

In the context of complicated and unpredictable developments in the region and over the world, more than ever, the two Parties and States must continue to consistently take a firm stance to protect the bone-forged relations from previous generations.

With that regard, I would like to give some recommendations to keep on maintaining and developing the bilateral relations of “Good neighbors, traditional friendship, comprehensive and long-term sustainable cooperation” between Viet Nam and Cambodia as follows:

Firstly, to maintain the meetings between the top leaders of the two Parties to frankly share views and stance in order to promote strong points, overcome arising issues so that the two sides can together protect our bilateral relations against plots from the hostile forces to divide the solidarity relations between the 2 parties.

Secondly, to boost the exchange between young cadres of the two Parties, so that the next generations understand more clearly the history of the relations between our two Parties, and at the same time contribute their effort and intellectual to keep up the relations, through holding the traditional cultural exchanges.

Thirdly, to promote the effectiveness of the current cooperation mechanisms, reviewing all the things have been done while pointing out all shortcomings and giving recommendations compatible with to the new situation and context so that the relation between our two Parties will be further strengthened.

As a young diplomat and party member, I am always faithful to the Party and ready to dedicate myself for the national construction and development, especially to continue contributing to nurture and preserve the spiritual relation between Viet Nam and Cambodia.

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