• Com bui (Dust meal)
    16:43 | 09/05/2018
    "Cơm bụi" (literally "dust meal") is a recent coinage adopted by Hanoians. It means to have a meal at one of those many popular eateries that have invaded almost all sidewalks in the city.
  • From Sai Gon to Ho Chi Minh City
    14:04 | 04/05/2018
    Many foreign friends of mine prefer Ha Noi to Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh City). They find the latter too mordernised, almost another Bangkok. Its cosmopolitan character does not please them as does the historical depth and serenity of the ancient City of the Dragon - Thang Long (Ha Noi) - which was founded in the 11th century.
  • A visit to Three-Basin Lake - Hồ Ba Bể
    16:07 | 09/04/2018
    In the midst of a vast expanse of emerald water a small island emerges, made up of big blocks of limestone which look as if they had been piled up by a giant. The site is reminiscent of the Stone Forest in Kunming, southern China - the rocks seem desert-like, in stark contrast to the luxuriant tropical vegetation of Pò Già Mải - such is the name of the islet.
  • A toast to Vietnamese rice wine
    14:46 | 02/04/2018
    It is traditional in Viet Nam that women do not drink alcohol as it is considered to be a man’s domain. One Sino-Vietnamese proverb claims: “A man who does not drink is like a flag without wind.”
  • The month of festivities
    16:16 | 26/02/2018
    An old Vietnamese folk song reads: "The first month is given to Tết at home, the second to gambling, the third to festivities, etc." (The third month in the lunar calendar usually corresponds to April in the Gregorian calendar). 
  • Tet in old Ha Noi
    20:11 | 06/02/2018
    Hoang Dao Thuy, the father of the boy-scout movement in Vietnam and the Signal Corps of the Vietnam People’s Army, died at the ripe old age of 97. He knew Ha Noi like the back of his hand. Here is how he briefly evokes Tet in the capital city early in this century, at a time when the newly-established colonial administration had only blurred the traditions of this highly popular festival with an archaic charm. 
  • Tet and the Vietnamese cultural identity
    14:50 | 30/01/2018
    "I have never seen in the world a festival as popular as the Vietnamese Tet and with a more humanistic character," writes culturologist Huu Ngoc.
  • Here comes Tết, the Lunar New Year
    16:10 | 18/01/2018
    In few weeks' time, Tết will usher in the Year of the Dog. To regard Tết simply as New Year's Day, as one would in the West, would betray a poor knowledge of the people of Vietnam. 
  • My village
    15:16 | 10/01/2018
    The village in the swampy lowlands extends between the major stream and its effluence, is built on raised ground for in the flood season the fields are under water.
  • The floods of the Red River
    20:29 | 25/12/2017
    The juvenile public - aged between 3 and 14 - applauded wildly when on the stage the Forces of Evil, sea monsters led by the Water God, were routed by the Forces of Good, forest beasts led by the Mountain God.
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