Paris Graduate School of Management – PGSM: The story of “bridge-builder”

Update: 11:44 | 26/02/2021
TGVN. The issue of how to plan, organize and supervise business activities effectively has always been challenging for managers in the digital age, especially in the currently complicated context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Paris Graduate School of Management – PGSM: The story of “bridge-builder”

Established in Viet Nam for a full decade, Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM) ‘s International Executive Master of Business Administration (IEMBA) program not only provides high-quality human resources for Vietnamese enterprises but also lays a foundation to help managers go further in their careers and construct values for the community and society.

From a leading French brand of graduate education...

Founded in 1975, Paris Graduate School of Management (French Name: École supérieure de Gestion ESG de Paris – ESG) is developing constantly after 45 years of construction and development. PGSM is a member of the association regrouping major schools in France (French Conférence des Grandes Écoles), ranking among the Top 10 universities in French. PGSM is a widely well-known and recognized brand with its Graduate and Leadership Programs.

PGSM is among universities that receive the “Grade Master” certificate, the French noble recognition for postgraduate education. With a solid educational background, PGSM has become a partner of more than 5,000 companies, 100 universities, 400 leading professors and a network of hundreds of thousands of students and alumni worldwide. PGSM is also one of the few schools in France that has received much funding from the Government and assistance from prestigious leaders such as the French President, Ministers or Presidents of large corporations, etc. Leading French magazines such as L'Etudiant, Le Figaro, Le Point categorize PGSM as “one of the best universities in France” for many consecutive years. PGSM courses develop fundamental values through the application and solving practical situations of global enterprises.

... to an “attractive” brand of management training in Viet Nam

In Viet Nam, after more than a decade of operating under the strict censorship of training processes and quality, PGSM's International Executive Master of Business Administration (IEMBA) has trained nearly 1,000 students through training cooperation with leading universities in Viet Nam. The latest statistics show that the percentage of students from three regions of Viet Nam is 48%, 45% and 7% respectively, in which 53% come from State Management Agencies and State Enterprises. Private enterprises, banks, and credit institutions account for the rest. Most of the students now are successful businessmen, with many contributions to the community and society.

Viet Nam's economy is increasingly and deeply integrated with the global economy, which both opens up new opportunities and poses many challenges. Enhancing the management and operating capacity of the management team is crucial, especially in the current world context with many unpredictable changes.

After 10 years, inheriting and promoting experiences and advantages available from a leading French postgraduate training brand, PGSM, a “bridge-builder” has been making an important contribution to the educational cause of Viet Nam and playing a role as a bridge of the cohesive and value-creating Community of Entrepreneurs and Intellectuals in the age of digital and global integration.

Chú thích: Graduation Ceremony for IEMBA PGSM Graduates. The Cooperation Program between Paris Graduate School of Management and National Economics University.

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