Spanish literary contest hosted by the Embassies of Spain and Panama

Update: 15:08 | 21/01/2020
The Embassies of Spain and Panama have announced the 2020 “APRENDE ESPAÑOL Y DISFRUTARÁS DE LA VIDA” literary contest.
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spanish literary contest hosted by the embassies of spain and panama
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This competition aims to commemorate the importance of the Spanish language and to boost Vietnamese youth talent. This year’s top writers will be honored to be part of an everlasting literary compilation in Spanish.

Words are alive and writing becomes an escape not from but into living.

While thought exists, new letters and voices arise and open up a whole world full of possibilities. New voices, new horizons.

To date, more than 550 million people in the world speak Spanish. Every day, more and more Vietnamese students continue to put their trust and interest in the Spanish language to boost their professional career and open the doors of perception to new cultures.

Posting witty videos on Facebook and tweeting memes can be funny, but what about making a difference instead? On the occasion of World Book Day and the United Nations Day of the Spanish Language held on 23rd of April, Embassies of Spanish-speaking countries invite Vietnamese young to indulge in the world of art and letters.

The contest is addressed to the academic community of Ha Noi University (HANU), University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS Ha Noi), Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH HCM), and all secondary education institutions that provide Spanish as an optional foreign language in their curriculum.

Flash fiction, poetry and short story are the three literary categories shaping the competition this year. Contestants can choose a topic from the following: women empowerment, youth, future, horror, love, Mother Earth - or pick their own subject. Every literary work must be written in Spanish language. For other informations such as maximum extension, formatting rules and eligibility criteria please check the contest guidelines available in

The final date for entry is 9 March and the admission is free. All literary works must be submitted to prior to the deadline. The winning texts and those in the shortlist will be used for the creation of a collective book which will be published. In addition to the personal recognition which is to enter the world’s literary heritage in Spanish, writers will be granted with awards from the Embassies of Spain and Panama.

The competition, which holds its first edition this year, aims to highlight the importance of Spanish language while contributing to environmental protection and sustainable use of resources. The Embassies of Spain and Panama promote environmentally sound practices globally and in their own activities and carbon footprint reduction leads the way of their distribution policy. For such reason, and in order to reduce the carbon footprint of this VOLUME 1, the Embassies of Spain and Panama will be planting local trees.

The stories in the contest not only display the talent of their creators but also inspire readers to explore and discover the wonders of one of the world’s richest language and culture. Literature adds to reality, not only describes it. Make a difference: learn SPANISH and enjoy life.

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