SurTec's successful Saga in Vietnam

Update: 15:57 | 14/10/2021
SurTec, the global supplier of specialty chemicals for surface treatment, has already been active in Vietnam for 10 years.
Câu chuyện thành công của Surtec: 10 năm hiện diện tại Việt Nam
SurTec's successful saga in Vietnam.

Environmentally friendly technologies for Southeast Asia

In 2019, SurTec opened a new production site in the south of Ho Chi Minh City, designed to supply the entire Southeast Asian region with products for chemical surface technology in the medium term. With an annual production capacity of 5,000 tonnes, the facility is geared to the rapid growth in Vietnam and neighboring markets.

Vietnam is an emerging player in Asia, and the location is an investment in a market that will grow disproportionately. Many global corporations are currently expanding their production bases from South Korea, Japan, and China to Vietnam. SurTec as a supplier is therefore optimally positioned for this trend. The production offers even better support for local customers and a significant reduction of delivery times in the region. Vietnam is the fourth production site of the SurTec Group in Asia, besides China, Japan, and India.

Câu chuyện thành công của Surtec: 10 năm hiện diện tại Việt Nam
SurTec - a leader in surface technology.

A leader in surface technology

SurTec, part of the Freudenberg Group headquartered in Germany, is an innovation leader in the field of chemical products for surface technology and supplies well-known customers in important market segments such as automotive and electronics with high-quality process chemicals for Metal Pre-treatment, Industrial Parts Cleaning as well as Functional and Decorative Electroplating. In Vietnam, SurTec supplies, in particular, the electronics and consumer electronics industry and the textile industry with highly efficient, environmentally friendly products. Cleaning systems, especially for consumer electronics or the textile industry, are also in great demand in Vietnam. Customers can rely on consistent production qualities, as all production sites are certified and work to the same high standards worldwide.

Vietnam - the ideal location

In Vietnam, SurTec can rely on an excellent, highly trained team. The industrial park takes excellent care of the company, and there are perfect long-term conditions for investors. For the future, SurTec plans to expand production capacities and extend the laboratories into a regional technical centre to serve customers in Southeast Asia even better. Local and environmentally friendly raw materials are used wherever possible, and attention is paid to short distances within supply chains.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies

In every respect, environmentally friendly, sustainable products are becoming increasingly important. SurTec is a pioneer in this area. For example, this includes replacing previously used chemicals classified as environmentally critical with products that are equivalent in performance and do not contain these vital substances. This also consists of the reduction of material use through the development of recyclable processes.

Only when genuinely recyclable cleaners came onto the market solvent-based industrial cleaners could be replaced. For decades, working without chromates for corrosion protection was unthinkable - today, trivalent passivations are standard. SurTec broke new ground in both areas and grew with the increasingly successful new processes. Scientists at the research and development centers in Germany and Brazil work on new alloys, passivations, cold sealing systems, and sealers that are allergen-free, efficient, and easy to handle. Parts treated with SurTec technology are not only found in the home or on the street, they also fly through the stratosphere or float on the seas.

Câu chuyện thành công của Surtec: 10 năm hiện diện tại Việt Nam
SurTec's factory in Viet Nam.

Two specific examples

World leader in passivation of aluminum

In addition to Industrial Parts Cleaning, Metal Pre-treatment is of particular interest to the region. Here, SurTec has succeeded in developing highly efficient products that replace toxic chromium(VI) with chromium(III), which is less harmful to the environment and users. This includes SurTec 650, chromium(III) passivation for aluminum, which is characterized, among other things, by its low surface resistance. In the expanding market of the electronics industry, SurTec 650 is the market leader in Vietnam. Due to its outstanding bare metal corrosion protection and excellent paint adhesion, the passivation is also the global benchmark technology in the aerospace, automotive, and architectural industries. Leading global 5G providers also rely on SurTec 650 to adequately protect their 5G antennas and masts against corrosion.

Chemical deburring for the highest quality requirements

Wherever burrs have to be removed with the highest precision in hard-to-reach places, it makes sense to use chemical deburring processes. These work very evenly over a wide concentration range, reliably maintaining reproducibly tight tolerances. Burrs down to a few tenths of a millimeter in size can be reliably removed.

This concerns, for example, components for consumer electronics or needles produced for the textile machinery industry, gears required in the watch industry, injection nozzles built for the automotive sector, or parts from general mechanical engineering, e.g., valve bodies, chain links, etc. A new chemical deburring process from SurTec for small, complexly turned, stamped, and milled parts made of hardened and unhardened ferritic steel enables the gentle and reliable deburring of components that meet the highest quality requirements.

Great focus on occupational health and safety

The surface technology company SurTec develops, produces and distributes chemical specialties for surface treatment. With its four application fields Industrial Parts Cleaning, Metal Pre-treatment, Functional and Decorative Electroplating, SurTec covers the entire portfolio in this field.

SurTec is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001 (quality management). The additional certifications according to OHSAS 18001 respective ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 underline the critical corporate goals of occupational health and safety and environmental compatibility, and resource conservation.

SurTec is a supplier to almost all sectors of the surface processing industry with applications in Automotive, Transportation, Construction, Electronics & Electrical, and Healthcare & Lifestyle. To ensure consistently high product quality regardless of the manufacturing location. Quality controls occur at every stage of the production process, starting with the inspection of raw materials, through their further processing, the review of finished products, to loading and delivery.

SurTec is a part of the Freudenberg Group

The SurTec Group, headquartered in Bensheim, Germany, is represented in 22 countries by its own companies and more than 20 additional countries by partner companies. SurTec is a division of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities SE & Co. KG, Munich, a subsidiary of Freudenberg SE, headquartered in Weinheim, Germany. Freudenberg is a globally active family-owned company that was founded over 170 years ago by Carl Johann Freudenberg. Freudenberg and its total of 10 Business Groups rely on partnerships with customers in some 60 countries, long-term orientation as well as financial solidity, and the competence and experience of its more than 50,000 employees.

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