• US seeks further cooperation with Vietnam in defence industry
    20:10 | 01/06/2018
    US Defence Minister James Mattis urged Vietnam and the US to enhance cooperation in defence industry and consider signing suitable documents to create a foundation for the collaboration. 
  • US aircraft visit elevates Vietnam-US diplomatic relationship
    21:41 | 05/03/2018
    On 5 March, with the approval of Vietnamese government, the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson docked Da Nang city for a five-day visit under the invitation of the US Embassy in Vietnam. This is the first US aircraft carrier that visited Vietnam in more than 40 years and marked a milestone in the diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and the US. 
  • US’s aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to visit Da Nang: Spokesperson
    09:55 | 02/03/2018
    The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, the guided missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain and the destroyer USS USS Wayne E.Meyer of the US Navy will make a goodwill visit to Vietnam’s central city of Da Nang from March 5-9, said Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang.
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