The XIII Communist Party Congress brings about a special significance in political life of Viet Nam

Update: 19:48 | 25/12/2020
TGVN. Recently, Ho Chi Minh Political Institute under the National University of Saint Petersburg, Russia held an online international scientific seminar "The changing role of Viet Nam in the contemporary world: Towards the XIII Vietnamese Communist Party Congress".

The seminar was attended by many prestigious researchers and scholars from various leading Russian scientific and educational centers, especially the Russian Ambassador to Viet Nam, the Ambassador of Viet Nam in the Russian Federation, Russian trade representatives in Viet Nam and reverend scholars from Kazakhstan and Indonesia.

In the welcome speech from Ha Noi, His Excellency Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Viet Nam Konstantin Vnukov highlighted the important role of the Vietnamese Communist Party in leading the nation's construction and development, reflected from his own eyes. He quoted Viet Nam's recent positive transition process with remarkable achievements such as high economic growth for many years; Viet Nam increasingly integrates internationally, enhances its role and is trusted by the international community. Mr. Vnukov was particularly impressed by Viet Nam's success in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping the momentum of good economic growth.

Đại sứ Việt Nam tại LB Nga Ngô Đức Mạnh phát biểu tại Hội thảo khoa học quốc tế trực tuyến “Vai trò thay đổi của Việt Nam trong thế giới đương đại: hướng tới Đại hội Đảng Cộng sản Việt Nam lần thứ XIII”.
H.E. Mr. Ngo Duc Manh, Ambassador of Viet Nam to the Russian Federation.

The Vietnamese Ambassador to the Russian Federation, His Excellency Ngo Duc Manh presented an overview of the preparation process towards the XIII Communist Party Congress, emphasizing that the XIII Party Congress has special significance in the political life of Viet Nam.

In favour of the assessment of Ambassador K. Vnukov, Ambassador Ngo Duc Manh affirmed that under the leadership of Vietnamese Communist Party, the country has achieved great achievements, especially maintaining political stability, economic development, and comprehensive international integration. It is the Viet Nam's foreign policy of peace, cooperation and development which is highly valued internationally, especially in 2020, Viet Nam successfully plays the role of ASEAN President and a non-permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations.

Through 16 presentations at the seminar, Russian and international experts and scholars focused on discussing the outstanding features in Viet Nam's foreign policy and development strategy, its achievements in the fields of economy, politics, society, education during the past time, and the development orientation of Viet Nam in the coming time.

Many speeches emphasized Viet Nam's success in coping with the Covid-19 pandemic, underwriting the Viet Nam's position and role in the international arena, and promoting peaceful and proactive foreign policy and actively integrating internationally, the readiness to be friends and reliable partners with all other countries in the world community, the efforts and consistent views of Viet Nam in solving the Eastern Sea disputes.

The seminar attendants agreed that the contemporary Viet Nam has every ability to develop successfully and sustainably, implementing the country's development strategy in the long term; overcoming obstacles such as: corruption, deterioration in the ranks of cadres and the unreceptive activities, evil-planned peaceful evolution theory advocated by the hostile forces. The delegates also said that the traditional friendship and comprehensive strategic partnership between Viet Nam and Russia would continue to be warm up and increasingly strengthened and developed.

Regarding the timing of the XIII Congress of the Vietnamese Communist Party, Professor, Dr. Vladimir Kolotov, the rector of Ho Chi Minh Institute, Saint Petersburg National University said that, for Viet Nam, this Congress was taking place in the context of a stablized in-country social situation but difficult and complicated in the international environment.

The new components of the Central Committee and the next Politburo will face a great assignment, which is demanded to keep Viet Nam in development, ensure the political stability, and maintain a high economic growth rate and thus, it is necessary to calculate the exact interaction of political powers in the region and the world.

GS. Vladimir Kolotov, Viện trưởng Viện Hồ Chí Minh trình bày tham luận tại Hội thảo khoa học quốc tế trực tuyến “Vai trò thay đổi của Việt Nam trong thế giới đương đại: hướng tới Đại hội Đảng Cộng sản Việt Nam lần thứ XIII”, ngày 19/12.
Professor Vladimir Kolotov, Director of Ho Chi Minh Institue assesses that the XIII Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam takes place in the context of stablized but difficult and complicated international enviroment.

In Mr. Kolotov’s opinion, Viet Nam now has more resources than before; Vietnamese leaders will wisely find the optimal way for their development, like the history of recent decades when the country had to make a decisive choice. The main issue is the key personnel arrangement and efficient management of the resources.

In the economic field, Dr. Vladimir Mazyrin, Director of the Center for Vietnamese and ASEAN Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, said that Viet Nam has well developed a socialist-oriented market economy model when taking the advantages of its position and the globalization.

The Deputy Representative of Russian Trade in Viet Nam Aleksander Kardo-Sysoev said that Viet Nam's external economic environment is currently favorable and stable; Vietnam's role in the world is changing rapidly.

The signing and participation in many international trade agreements have recently increased the flow of foreign direct investment, plus a stable political system, good security environment, and successful pandemic control are important factors that create good conditions to boost Viet Nam's economy in the coming years.

In his presentation, analyst Valeria Vershinina of the ASEAN Center, Moscow Institute of International Relations, debated that with economic indicators, taking into account an active and positive foreign policy, Viet Nam's contribution to international political life, Viet Nam deserves to be considered a "mid-range power" similar to some countries in the region, such as Japan, the Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

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