Transgender singer’s MV reaches 18.6 million hits on YouTube

Update: 08:36 | 22/02/2020
Transgender singer Huong Giang’s latest music video (MV) has attracted more than 18.6 million views on YouTube, with other hits gaining fame as well.
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The MV "Tang Anh Cho Co Ay" is a production between the singer who wrote the lyrics and Hua Kim Tuyen, her partner, composer and producer.

transgender singers mv reaches 186 million hits on youtube
Transgender pop singer Huong Giang in her latest music video (MV), "Tang Anh Cho Co Ay" (Offering for You). (Photo: YouTube)

Produced by the singer’s company Huong Giang Entertainment, "Tang Anh Cho Co Ay" reached nearly 15.3 million viewers four days after its release on February 6.

The MV is about a love triangle.

The No.1 trending on YouTube in Vietnam in the second week of this month went to "Hon Ca Yeu" (More Than Love), a love song by young singer Duc Phuc.

The MV, released on Valentine’s Day, has attracted over 19.3 million views. His song is a mix of Vietnamese music and K-pop.

Another MV, "Co Nhu Khong Co" (Nothing) by young singer Hien Ho, is still a top hit after two months and a half of its release. It has attracted more than 19.2 million views.

“I wanted to impress my fans who have supported my career since I was just a nameless transgender woman who loved singing,” said 28-year-old Giang, winner of the 2018 Miss International Queen beauty pageant for transgender women hosted by Thailand.

Giang began her career after being in the top four of Vietnam Idol, the Vietnamese version of singing reality show American Idol in 2012.

Her first movie, "Sac Dep Doi Tra" (The Drama Queen), is in cinemas and attracted more than 120,000 audiences on its first day on Valentine’s Day.

To complete her MV, Giang and her staff worked several days on recording and filming, and spent a lot of time with make-up, hair and costume designs.

Her hits "Anh Ta Bo Em Roi" (He Left Me) and "Anh Dang O Dau Day" (Where Are You?) have attracted millions of young fans.

Another singer, Orange, is looking for a new idol. Her latest MV, "Chan Ai" (True Love), released on Monday has attracted 1.8 million viewers, following the MV by rapper B Ray.

Orange, whose real name is Khuong Hoan My, was winner of the Mnet Asian Music Awards’ Be New Asian Artist in the Republic of Korea in October. She has worked hard in her career.

She began her professional career in HCM City in 2014, after performing in a TV reality show produced by HCM City Television. Her strong and emotional voice was a hit in the industry.

She performed and won the Hong Kong Asian – Pop Music Festival’s Asian Supernova Award 2019 after beating nine competitors from different countries.

“I hope audiences will see their youth in my music,” said the 24-year-old.

"Chan Ai" is a production by Orange and composer Chau Dang Khoa. It features rap by Khoi.

MVs by young singers, Dinh Dung and Minh Vuong, are also hits.

While Dung’s "Sai Lam Cua Anh" (My Mistake) has had 62 million views, Vuong’s "Em Oi Len Pho" (Travelling with You) has reached 50 million views. Both MVs feature themes of women and love.

“Young singers have invested a lot in their MVs, and their works with 3D technology are like movies,” mixer Hai Nam of HCM City said.

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(Source: VNA)