Viet Nam confirms two more COVID-19 infections on February 24 morning

Update: 07:09 | 24/02/2021
The Ministry of Health has confirmed two more coronavirus cases during the past 12 hours after announcing six cases on February 23 afternoon.
Viet Nam confirms two more coronavirus infections on February 24 morning
Disinfecting a residential area in Hai Duong following the detection of an infection. (Photo: VNA)

Both new cases were detected in Hai Duong province, the epicenter of the fresh coronavirus outbreak, the ministry said in its 6h am update.

They tested positive for the virus after having close contact with COVID-19 patients closely tied to the ongoing hotspot at Poyun Electronics Co. Ltd. in Hai Duong’s Chi Linh city.

They were both diagnosed with the virus during their stay at a concentrated quarantine facility, thus posing no risk to the community.

The Hai Duong administration has taken drastic measures, including imposing social distancing on all of its 12 cities and districts, in order to slow the spread of the virus.

Hefty fines have been given to those who broke regulations on travel restrictions within the local community.

The virus has spread to 13 cities and provinces across the country since the virus recurred late last month. As many as 808 cases have been recorded, including 624 cases in Hai Duong alone.

Elsewhere the fresh outbreak has been brought under control in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi capital, with no new cases detected during the past few days.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health announced five cases in Hai Duong and another case in its neighbor, Quang Ninh province, at 18.00hrs on February 23.

The number of quarantined people has fallen significantly to 88,500 compared to 120,000 two days ago.

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(Source: VNA)