Viet Nam sends nearly 180 staff officers for United Nations peacekeeping missions

Update: 08:40 | 14/02/2021
TGVN. Viet Nam has sent 179 military officers and staff for UN peacekeeping missions in South Sudan, the Central Africa Republic and the Department of Peacekeeping operations at the UN headquarters since June 2014.
Viet Nam sends nearly 180 staff officers for United Nations peacekeeping missions
Viet Nam has been active in making contributions to UN peacekeeping operations. (Source: VGP News)

Among them, Major Do Thi Hang Nga became Viet Nam’s first female officer to join the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan.

The dispatch of a female officer to the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission reflects Viet Nam’s gender equality policies which underscores the role of women in global activities, said Deputy Defense Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh, adding that this is also part of Viet Nam efforts to implement the UN’s millennium development goals.

Viet Nam is also training 259 sappers for the future engagement in peacekeeping operations at an appropriate time, according to Major General Hoang Kim Phung, Director of the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

Vietnamese officers and staff have been honored for their outstanding contributions to UN peacekeeping. At a medal parade ceremony held in Bentiu, South Sudan on January 22, 2021, Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Bentiu Field Office Hiroko Hirahara and Sector Unity Commander for UNMISS Major General Shamim Kamal presented the medals to all 63 members of the Viet Nam’s Level-2 field Hospital No. 2 (L2FH2).

This is a recognition from the UN of the hospital’s efforts during their mission in South Sudan, as well as being a testament to Viet Nam’s contributions as an active and responsible member of the UN, contributing to peace and stability around the world.

Joining UN peacekeeping forces has promoted defense cooperation between Viet Nam and other countries, contributing to its success in running for non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council in the 2020-2021 tenure, Phung said.

The Southeast Asian country has signed nine memoranda of understanding on UN peacekeeping cooperation with partner countries like Australia, China, France, India, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, the Republic of Korea and the U.S.

Peace is the burning and constant thirst and the sacred target of the Vietnamese nation throughout its history of national construction and protection.

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(Source: VGP News)